In Saratov, the center opened a palliative

The region’s first palliative care center opened in Saratov, on the basis of the 2nd City Hospital.
Some Saratovtsev this premise is familiar as a former City Cancer Center. Palliative Center, in contrast to the clinic, will deepen their understanding of the causes of the disease, as well as a more qualitative treatment.

According to the Minister of Health of Alexey Danilov, here will be sent to the best shots. Already expensive imported equipment worth 76 million rubles. The specifics of the center is that there will also be taking calls from cancer patients and help them on the phone. In general, the minister, the calculation of the fact that there is no fragmentation between hospitals — the patient will receive medical care from the detection of the disease until they are cured or that final stage.

This center is unique, and the fact that it creates a special atmosphere. The specifics of this disease is that a person is left alone with her, here it is immersed in a family atmosphere, it feels like a member of a larger community, and then the disease is better tolerated.

The center is designed for 5 people for permanent and 26 — for a temporary stay. But, according to Daniel, the number of beds and these centers will grow over time.

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