In Sarov began the creation of the world’s most powerful laser

Text:Russia Today

The first phase of the world’s most powerful laser system, created in the Russian nuclear center — the city of Sarov, will be launched in 2017. This will be the access center, where they can work not only Russian but also foreign scientists.

According to the director of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center Valentine Kostyukova, the first design phase ends on August 1, after which, during the year will start the detailed design phase of the installation and construction activities, according to "Kommersant Volga region".

Once will be put into operation the first stage in the installation will be carried out serious experiments, which, according to Kostyukova, will provide answers to many questions of fundamental science.

"The decision to create a laser system to make difficult, and colleagues from the United States and France have begun work in this direction much earlier — said Kostjukov. — However, it gave the Russian physicists time and the opportunity to design and lay the idea of a more perfect setting, a number of parameters that will be superior to the American and French counterparts. "

Laser system UFL-2m according to the project has 192 laser channel, covers an area the size of two football fields, and the highest point reaches the size of a 10-storey building. It will have the largest pulse energy compared with their Western counterparts — more than two megajoules. A similar plant being built in the United States and France have a capacity of 1.8 megajoules. This unique equipment will be carried out fundamental research on high-temperature dense plasmas. Laser facility will be located in the industrial park, "Sarov", located near the eponymous closed nuclear cities.

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