In Sarov developed programs for supercomputers

In the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Sarov, formerly Arzamas-16) created the first version of the software package to meet the challenges of hydro, nuclear power and aerodynamics. This is the "AN" According to the Department of Communications of Rosatom.

All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEF), Sarov was selected by the Government of the Russian Federation government orders the sole executor of the project "Development of supercomputers and gridtehnology." In 2010, Rosatom spent on it 1.1 billion.

Development of the software package was conducted in the Department of Mathematics of the Institute of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics VNIIEF. Sarov scientists have created the basis for supercomputing technology "virtual plane" for the problems of aviation. In OKB Sukhoi has already passed the first version of the program for computational studies of aerodynamic characteristics liner. Yet scientists have developed a "virtual naval nuclear propulsion system" and a "virtual nuclear power plant with pressurized water reactors." Today, the former Arzamas dimensional information technology are also using supercomputers for developing new rocket and space systems. Software packages will be adapted to meet the challenges in the interest of the space industry.

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