In Satka (Chelyabinsk region). Launched world’s most powerful high-temperature shaft kiln

Magnesite Group has commissioned a high-temperature blast furnace capacity of 80 thousand tons per year. It will increase the volume of production periclase clinker — high quality material for the manufacture of advanced refractory materials — from 50 to 130 thousand tons per year.

The new unit is unique not only in the CIS, but also in the world. Innovative technological solutions used in the project to meet the highest international standards, including energy efficiency and environmental safety.

Construction of the furnace was sold out in record time: the contours of the pit were laid at the end of 2011, and the first metal piles are installed in early 2012, total investment in the construction of blast furnaces and a multiple exceeded 2.3 billion rubles. 

Lighting the oven was held on 4 July this year. Within days, the unit operated in the warm-up, gradually increasing the temperature and volume of downloads. Today the furnace came on specific technical data and placed it in commercial operation.
Magnesite is the only group in the territory of Russia and CIS producer plotnospechennogo periclase clinker — high quality material for the manufacture of advanced refractories are widely sought after in the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, cement industry. Competitive advantage achieved the realization of this project still remains out of reach for refractory enterprises post-Soviet space, and with the introduction of a second unique unit — multiple hearth furnace, the construction of which will be completed in the autumn of this year — Magnesite Group implements a full cycle of periclase clinker.

Start unique production began in 2008 with the commissioning of the high-temperature blast furnace capacity of 50 thousand tons per year. In a single technological cycle technology combined milling and briquetting fine magnesia powder and firing, allowing the result to obtain a material with high specified characteristics.

A project to increase production of periclase clinker will enable the group to translate into magnesite clinker technology up to 70% recycled materials, significantly expand the range of IT products, increase production efficiency and productivity. Rational use of natural resources and the introduction of modern technological innovations will keep mineral wealth for future generations and to enter the highest level of environmental safety.

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