In Saturn summed up the eighth wave of Lean-transformation

In JSC "NPO" Saturn "summed up the eighth wave of reforms on" lean production ", in which 7 projects implemented in different parts of the enterprise.

The first three projects were carried out in the CPC, "the compressor blades." They were designed to improve the efficiency of manufacturing throughflow compressor blades, increasing the capacity size polishing blades optimization Incoming workpieces. The fourth project was aimed at improving the efficiency of maintenance of the equipment by creating a system of universal service equipment. The fifth project was implemented in the service of the Director of Purchasing and Logistics in order to reduce the time of processing of applications for software inventory (TMC). The implementation of the project took place in the sixth service chief designer, in which was organized by improving the coordination of procedures for the working design documentation (RCD). The main objective of the project was the seventh increase the efficiency of the flow of manufacturing insulated stamps and stamps of hard structures in ZAO "SatIZ."

In the eighth wave of reforms conducted a design competition, which has already become a tradition. The winners are named:

1st place — the project "Improving the coordination procedures RCD." Pilot project — Okrugin Alexander, head of the leading department project PD-14.

Through the development and implementation of a new matching circuit design documentation, which takes into account the recent organizational changes in the "NPO" Saturn ", first of all, the creation of industrial centers of competence (CPC), and the introduction of tools to monitor the situation in coordination RKD and timely response on emerging Problems managed to reduce the time of negotiation RKD 2.3 times and the number of returns drawings for revision reduced in 2 times.

2nd place — the project "Reducing the period of processing the application for provision of goods and materials." Pilot project — Alexander Romanov, head of metals and semi-finished.

The organization performance management system of the two service departments Director of Purchasing and Logistics has reduced the processing time of applications for software inventory in the department of metals and semi-finished in 3 times, and in the department of foreign equipment — 14.8 times.

3rd place — the project "Improving the efficiency of production through-flow compressor blades." Pilot project — Kleimenov Ilya V., Head of the body number 35, "Black Belt" to "lean production."

The introduction of visual management, which allows for monitoring of the production process, an ongoing analysis of indicators and appropriate management decisions and the implementation of a number of technical measures to improve the efficiency and quality of machining of compressor blades, resulting in reduced manufacturing cycle of the compressor blades by 30% and increase throughput SaM146 engine of 1.3-fold, and D-30KU/KP — 1.25.

Best Project 8 wave changes according to the steering committee called the project "Improving the flow of manufacturing insulated stamps and stamps of hard structures in ZAO" SatIZ. "Pilot Project — Zhurov Andrey Leonidovich, Production Company hull number 77" SatIZ. "

The organization of study process orders, the new system of planning and accounting, bringing together the interests of the customer ("NPO" Saturn ") and JSC" SatIZ ", the introduction of visual management and implementation of the 5S cycles have reduced the manufacture and repair of dies 2 times, and increase the share of timely delivery of 3.3 times.

Assessing the results of the eighth wave of reforms, deputy managing director of development of the production system "NPO" Saturn "Ilya Pautov said:" The results of the competition conducted projects on "lean manufacturing", starting with a 6-wave changes, show that the efficiency and quality of the projects from the wave to waves become higher and higher, increasing employee engagement in the processes of change. Therefore I’d like to thank all the members of the working groups of projects 8 wave transformation for active participation in the process of continuous improvement and the promise of even more complex and ambitious projects in the future, the implementation of which will give us an opportunity to get more impressive and tangible results from the deployment of "lean production."

Recall that the project "Organization of the system of" lean production "," Saturn "began in the" NPO "Saturn" on the initiative and under the personal leadership of Managing Director Ilya Fedorov in October 2009. During that time, held 8 wave transformations implemented 64 projects on "lean manufacturing", approved by the policy of "lean production" of "NPO" Saturn "until 2020, started the process of forming the state of the leaders of change," green belts "and" black belts " (currently in the "NPO" Saturn "are 5" green belts "and 13" black belt "). The main purpose of all implemented and ongoing projects on "lean manufacturing" is to improve the operational efficiency by eliminating the 8 types of losses: overproduction, unnecessary transportation, unused inventory, unnecessary processing steps, unnecessary movement of people, waiting, defects and failure to use the intellectual capacity of the staff.


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