In school Tula and Rostov regions received new buses

Boarding schools from different districts of the Tula region today received the keys of the new buses. Means of acquisition have been allocated from the regional budget in the framework of the program of modernization of education. 

Cars on the thirteen seats are equipped with everything necessary for safe transportation of children, including the GLONASS system. Three buses left for today Suvorov district, Tula got two institutions, one went to Dubno, Efremov and Novomoskovskiy areas. 
"These buses are very much needed in the schools. For example, very soon they will bring children into the governor’s Christmas tree in a Tulu ", — the minister of education and culture in the region Denis Bychkov. 
Overall, for the educational institutions in the Tula region this year was purchased 32 units of transport. Updating the fleet of educational institutions will continue next year.

New school buses were Neklinovsky school district of Rostov region in the governor’s program "Road to school." "As part of the program for the transportation of children to schools in the area Neklinovsky purchased five new school buses," — said the agency "Interfax-South" on Friday, the ministry of internal information policy and the Rostov region.

According to the source, the new school buses awarded Otradnenskoe, and Nicholas Krasnodesantskoy public schools.


"On Saturday the new buses will hand Vasilyevo-Hanzhonovskoy and Beglitskoy schools" — said the ministry.

According to him, at the moment the park school buses in the area completely updated. Bringing up children in a school specialized vehicles, issued no earlier than 2006. Three of them, the life of which ends next year, will be replaced in 2013.


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