In search results fly in the Universiade, or as Hamsters are happy for their country.

Medal extravaganza. Golden Falls. Triumph of the Russian youth sports. Those words can be addressed recently concluded 27th Universiade, which took Kazan. The results of the Russian team did not impress, and mind-boggling. 

If prior to the beginning of the Kazan Universiade for the ordinary Russian fans, radeyuschie for the prestige of the country at the sport, and so, in the geopolitical arena, and asked how much we take the gold, then this is the fan at best, called 40-50, bearing in mind the results of the Universiade in Shenzhen (China) in 2011. Then the Russians won 42 gold, 45 silver and 45 bronze medals, finishing in second place team, losing to the Chinese, which result in 145 medals (75 of them gold) seemed unattainable. However, Kazan Universida 2013 turned to Russian athletes are winning streak. The result, which is worthy to get into the record books: 292 medals, including 155 gold dignity!

In a large sporting event attended by more than 10,000 young athletes from 162 countries of the world. Played out 351 sets of medals in 27 sports.

The Russians won the gold medal in the water and team sports, martial arts and athletics, shooting and other sports. After numerous failures that plagued the Russian sport all the recent time, the results of the home Universiade can be safely recorded in the asset of national sports school and to express gratitude to those athletes and coaches who earned so important for us, "gold" of the prestigious international tournament.

But amid the general joy at the success of Russian sports victors fly in the ointment, in any way, you know, does not do. Well, judge for yourself, how can the Russian (and even more so abroad) liberal publications afford to rejoice the success of Russian athletes, and especially to thank them for their work. Absolutely not! It also violates the credo of these publications, the statute which clearly states: the more crap poured on Russia, the better. Here and now practiced in finding arguments to question the obstruction and the results of the Universiade in Kazan.

The words that the Universiade was a demonstration of "Potemkin villages" swept the liberal media. However, whether the "Potemkin villages" whether the 2013 with a bias towards outright pretentious, whether jingoism that has little to do with real patriotism. To understand this, we carry out a small monitor those publications, which were delivered of "democratic" edition, and try to draw conclusions.

The newspaper "Kommersant", splashing poisonous saliva, was honored for an article about that unfortunate foreign students Russian sports car (now "Kommersant" Russian sport, it turns out, the machine — approx.’s) "Pitted champions of the world, European and Olympic Games." Like, in Kazan foreign countries brought "suckers" and Russia issued against them "veterans." Well, if the 18-20-year-old boys and girls can be called a "sports car", the "Kommersant" contradicts itself, because until quite recently in the pages of the same edition of the Russian team were called "pathetic" and "helpless." And suddenly the car …

By the way, the journalists of "Kommersant", apparently, is clearly flawed in terms of assessing how many Olympians were in the Olympics, and what commands they represent. So, Olympic medalists at the Olympics were really, no one secret, and it is not prohibited by the regulations, but only the total number of champions and winners was 38, of which less than half were in favor of Russia. And what’s more, they have won all 292 medals for the Russian team? But no. Olympic champions and prize-winners were in the other national teams, what do they prevent defeat our "suckers"? .. The winners of the World Championships in the Russian team was 3 times less than, for example, in China.

For some reason, "Kommersant" does not result in the statistics, which clearly reveals the task of discrediting the Russian team by all means, and, most importantly, juggling of facts.

Moreover, the said newspaper was fraud in the representation of numbers of viewers Kazan sports forum. This number was up to 3 billion people. "Kommersant", without providing any evidence refuting these facts, he immediately announced that Mutko lies that it is propaganda …

However, to make sure that the sports minister does not lie, can provide data alone mobile operators of the CIS and Eastern Europe. Traffic videos to watch channels that broadcast sporting events, movies Universiade corresponded with the number of nearly 200 million views a unique subscriber numbers. And that’s just in the cluster cellular (mobile phones, tablets, smartphones), and only in the CIS, Eastern Europe. When you consider that watching the competition was conducted mainly through television sets, the figures cellular operators can safely increase ten-fold. So the "hairpin" "Kommersant" manifestly unfounded.

The American edition of «The New York Times» no less than Russia’s "Kommersant" concerned about the success of Russian athletes at the Universiade in Kazan and therefore comes with an article about the fact that the Kremlin, he says, wants to revive the "awesome athletic reputation." To do this, the Kremlin, according to journalists NYT, used those students who are registered on the basis of a fictitious universities. But the same edition forgets to present data to their readers about the American swimmer, who, as it turned out, was on the list of college students in just a few weeks before the start of the Universiade, once in the spring lists expelled from another college. If this dismissal-enrollment there is nothing wrong, then … And where is the evidence from the NYT that some Russian athletes are trained in universities is fictitious? Such evidence is not presented …

Went even further, some Russian bloggers, who said that the criticism of the Universiade is blocked by soldiers from the so-called scientific mouth. Allegedly, these same men are planted for their computers to conduct detailed monitoring of publications about the Kazan Universiade, and once they see the post with a negative connotation — immediately send the author of "a bath." In doing so, the work allegedly even in the budget itself Universiade. With such a conspiracy of information act Moscow bloggers who decided to stand out among a gentleman Malgin apparently overheated in the sun, because the research company in the Russian army in its infancy, and the removal of all kinds of liberoisprazhneny Runeta no budget no Universiade is not enough …

There are individuals who choose, say, using dubious methods clearly potrollit results Universiade in social networks. There’s some freedom for all troll show. One of these gentlemen wrote: "On the anniversary of the opening of the Krymsk remembered?" What do you call this a "hero" who decided, well, combine the human tragedy and sports festival? Scoundrel — is at a minimum.

Another object of criticism — the cost of the Universiade. Rustem Minnikhanov (President of Tatarstan), said that the budget for sports events was 228 billion rubles, and not the entire amount — money the state and regional budgets. Critics say the cost is so high that at the Universiade in China spent only $ 1 billion. In this case, if we raise the reports on the preparations for the Universiade 2011 in economic journals of two years ago, then a billion dollars — money that went to China only on the organization of the event itself (housing for athletes, volunteers, foo
d, paraphernalia, several sports facilities, entertainment program opening and closing, the organization of trade in special areas). It does not include any funds for the construction of infrastructure facilities or the money that went into the construction of major sports facilities. In other words, China reported that, to put it mildly, is not quite true. In the Financial Times once published an article that the total value of the Universiade in Shenzhen City of at least $ 30 billion. As they say, everything is relative.

In general, the liberal press and other similar sites in the repertoire: that the trees are too green, the grass is a tall, the legs are long. Failed the world hockey championship — a nightmare of fire, athletes — on bread and water, "the failure of Raska" and stuff like that. With the triumph won at the Universiade in different sports — again bad. The usual clinical case …

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