In Sec Tim (Kursk region) has opened a new cultural and sports complex

December 2 in the village of Tim long-awaited event — the opening of a new two-storey cultural and sports complex of more than 2 million square meters, which can be the envy of even the regional center.

The new facility is equipped with everything needed for competitions in team sports — a mini-football, volleyball, basketball, and not only the district, but also to the regional scale. For all who want to work universal gym with a capacity of 67 people, rooms for table tennis and judo, fitness and billiard room. For sports fans all conditions: gym changing rooms and showers, provided the doctor’s office and procedural.

In recent years, in the Kursk region, a more modern sports facilities, expanded and modernized sports infrastructure. To date, the region has more than 2.1 thousand sports facilities, one-time bandwidth of almost 52, 5 thousand people.

Only for the last 3 years in the Kursk region reconstructed and repaired more than 60 sports facilities, halls, football fields, inter-school stadiums, in the framework of "Gazprom to Children" is open 30 universal playgrounds.

In Kursk continues large-scale reconstruction of the stadium "labor reserves", completed renovated sports complexes "Schetmash" and "Olympus", Zheleznogorsk — construction of the Ice Palace.

The plans for next year — putting into operation of a fitness center "Fencing Center" on the street. The Soviet, sports and concert complex on the street. Engels in Kursk, 2015 in the cities and districts of the region will be built 5 FOKov.

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