In Section Bolshereche Omsk Region has opened a new hospital


December 20 opening ceremony of the new maternity hospital in the district center Bolshereche. The new maternity unit is designed for 22 beds in the gynecological department of 25 beds, and as a perinatal center, it is equipped with everything necessary for there to be a convenient and comfortable stay for young mothers and doctors could nurse infants with low birth weight.

The press service of the government of Omsk region also emphasized that the new maternity hospital will use technology co-host of the mother and the child, in addition, experts will use technology partner delivery, which will be held in a special delivery room. Everything else, the new hospital is planned to create inter-district department, which will be designed to serve women who live in the neighboring districts of Omsk region, among them: Muromtsevsky, Sargatskoe Kolosovsky and municipalities.

The press service of the government of Omsk region also told how things are with maternity hospitals in other parts of the Irtysh. For example, in Okoneshnikovskom area after the repair work, which took place in the central district hospital and in the nursing home, is now set up a special system designed to maintain the premises in complete sterility. In addition to health care facilities procured the necessary operational and diagnostic equipment, such as incubators for the care of newborns. Everything else, for the use of the central district hospital and medical and obstetric center, located in the village FINISHING Okoneshnikovskogo district sent two medical car "UAZ".

In Lubinsky’s Omsk region as the modernization of health facilities is well underway. As added in the press service of the regional government, to carry out the repair work in the nursing home Lubinska central regional hospital authority of the Omsk region in the framework of the modernization program of health of the Omsk region, highlight the regional government of the order of 7.5 million rubles. With this money in a health facility was a modern system of ventilation and oxygen supply to the "clean separation". In addition, funds were allocated to upgrade medical equipment, for repair of communications, as well as the reconstruction of the operating unit and to carry out major repairs of medical facilities.

Regional authorities emphasize that this year, as part of a program to modernize the health care system of the Omsk region, were works on equipping 14 maternity hospitals and maternity units located in rural areas of the Omsk region, for a total of about 84 million rubles.

As pointed out in the press service of the government of Omsk region, now in the municipalities of the region is to create optimal conditions for monitoring the health of women, in addition, created modern facilities for maternity and newborn care. "Now there is no need to drive into town to the survey, all of the procedures, observation, and the birth of the baby with guaranteed security provided in regional centers", — underline officials.

In addition, for particularly complex cases in Priirtyshe is a perinatal center of Omsk Oblast Hospital. As noted by the regional authorities, the institution of Health was established in 2009. Currently, this Perinatal Center is one of the largest and most modern in terms of equipment to Siberia.

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