In Section Khislavichi Smolensk region opened a fitness center

Fitness center Heinrich Ivanovich Siderenkova Chislavichi appeared in over the weekend, on the day of settlement.

The complex, named after the native land Hislavichsky — outstanding Soviet hockey player Henry Ivanovic Siderenkova is a two-story building: first floor multi-purpose hall (50h24 m), the second — a hall for wrestling and gym. FLC in the village will serve as a base for training sessions in several sports: volleyball, basketball, mini football, table tennis and wrestling.

In addition, the sports complex will undergo physical training of students of the local school, which until that time had their own room. The size of the room and the equipment allows it not only to the local competition, but also at the regional level.

The complex was delivered equipment, metal products and a total of more than 21 million rubles. Co-financing from the coffers of the region the project has received about 28 million (funds allocated under the long-term target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Smolensk region").

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