In Section Samus (Tomsk region). Launched the ship Ataman Ermak

A landmark event took place on August 16 in the village of Samus (Tomsk region). The stocks Shipyard was launched a new service-traveling ship with a proud name "Ataman Yermak", whose construction began in June last year. Motor vessel refers to ships of class "M" and can go into marine coastal waters.

Check on the water, "Ataman Yermak" was "excellent" and in September will go to the customer in Salekhard. The plant‘s management says that they already have the next order, within a month the team will begin assembling the huge barge.

"Ataman Yermak" — the first ship Samus shipbuilders after the reorganization of the enterprise and three hundred and twenty fourth vessel for more than one hundred and thirty-year history of the plant. Customer of its construction was JSC "Purgeolflot", carrying out the activity in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Video from a solemn event   Not so long ago, the company was going through tough times. However, thanks to the main shareholder in the person of "Tomsk Shipping Company", attention and support Seversky authorities, coordinated work of management and workforce, today the plant is looking forward to the future. And weighty confirmation of this was pure white, handsome length of 43 meters, a width of 8 meters, with an engine capacity of 1,000 horsepower.

Honorable right to break a bottle of champagne on board got zavodchanka Hope Grankina to successfully execute on the ship welding. Her hand was as accurate as in the course of construction. Have scattered into small glass shards thousand splashes of champagne was the start of the procedure of launching, which after a short time has been successfully completed, and quite close to the day when "Ataman Yermak" will go to the port.

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