In September 2010, OJSC KAMAZ fulfilled the plan for the production of machine sets by 100%.

Units of a single technological cycle took off the bat: the first after the release of corporate personnel month put Mashkomplekt 3631, including 3348 trucks. Month plan for the production of vehicle sets made of 100%. Overall, since the beginning of the year they produced 23,910 units, as much as in all of 2009. In addition, in September produced spare parts for 506.5 million rubles. — 37 million more magnified, because of the needs of consumers plan. "KAMAZ-Diesel" produced and shipped to its customers in September 4203 engines and power units (242 units to the plan). Over three quarters of these types of products manufactured over 28,200 units.
Dealers, service centers, corporate and other consumers of "KAMAZ" received this year spare parts worth over 7.1 billion rubles, including in the past month — at 937 million
Even a cursory analysis of the production of cars by households and models reveals characteristic signs of market recovery and growth in demand for automobiles KAMAZ. Thus, the "anti-crisis" modernized family cars (KAMAZ-65115, -65116, -65117, -65111), grabbed the lead it was during the last recession of production, maintained that position today. In September, these models produced more than 1,200 units — 9% more than in July predotpusknom. However, the issue of family cars of increased weight (about a dozen models based on KAMAZ-6520) has shown during this time significantly greater gain. These heavy trucks are usually accurately determine trends in the commodity market and the financial and economic performance of the company, in September released nearly 500 units — 15% more than in July. Release of all-wheel drive vehicles of the family (KAMAZ-43118, -43114, etc.) in the reporting month also confirms the stability of demand for core products "KAMAZ".

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