In September 2011, OJSC Vyborg Cellulose is planning to launch the second phase of pellet production in the Leningrad region

President of "CC" Alex Kazmin told IAA "Infobio" that today the first phase of biofuel production capacity of 500,000 tons / year of operating at only 30% capacity.

"First of all came while only 30% of capacity — 12,000 tons per month made in April, May and June", — says Alexey Sergeyevich.
Each queue pellet production in the village. The Soviet Leningrad region — 500 000 t / year. Total capacity — 1 million tons / year of wood pellets. While there was only launched the first phase, the second phase of the plant will be operational in September 2011.
"JSC" Vyborg Pulp "and the main supplier of equipment — concern" Andritz "working to resolve the bottlenecks together. By the end of this year will be out of the plant at full capacity, "- said Alexey Kaz’min.


In July 2011, the company sent another ship to Europe. A ship with 6,000 tons of fuel pellets went to the company RWE in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. For the plant in Leningrad Dutch market until the new one. Until then send biofuels have been made in the Scandinavian countries.

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