In Serbia, the Russian ruble earned

Our currency has taken a firm place here next to the dollar and the euro

Starting this week, the Russian ruble in Serbia entered into the local currency basket and is worthy of competing with the euro and the U.S. dollar. On this "KP" a spokesman of the Savings Bank in the country Gregory Chernenko.

  — First of all, we are seeing interest from local companies to exchange transactions with the ruble — said Chernenko. — We hope that in the near future will be able to avoid the conversion of "dinar-euro-ruble", and it is very easy companies of the two countries involved in the Russian and Serbian markets. In addition, our currency exchange for dinars will be able to tens of thousands of Serbs working in Russia and receiving salary in rubles. Now they will not have to send money home, for example, in Belgrade, translate them into some other currency.

According to forecasts Chernenko, the interest in operations in Serbia, with the ruble will continue to grow and the ruble supply in the coming year could reach more than one hundred million.

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