In Sernovodsk begins construction of a bottling plant

mineral waters

An area of 2.5 hectares for the construction of the plant is prepared for bottling mineral water.

Sernovodsk has long been famous for its curative springs. The number of operating in the village while only 6. In 2007, under the guidance of the Regional Public Fund named after Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov was started to create a modern bottling plant, including the medicinal drinking water.

Last year, the assembly line of "Chechen mineral water" got away 15 million bottles. However, even this amount of supply was unable to meet demand. Then came the idea to expand production. The Head of the Republic told the company‘s employees during a visit to Sernovodsk.

The program of development of a limited liability company "Chechen mineral water" was developed in cooperation with the German company KHS. Popular on the world market, the company will equip the new plant equipment for manufacturing of packaging and bottling.

KHS has established itself in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, and even in Saudi Arabia, where he implemented the most complex and non-standard design. Representatives of the German company call it proudly. KHS entrusted filling the holy water of Zamzam. Hardware-known company is also able to sterilize bottles, in fact — to control the quality of the packaged product.

The new building of the Chechen mineral water will be equipped with two lines of bottling capacity of 34,000 bottles per hour. In the year the total production will be more than 120 million bottles.

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