In Severodvinsk inaugurated the longest section of the Arkhangelsk highway

In the city of shipbuilders inaugurated the longest section of the Arkhangelsk highway from the street to the White Sea Portovaya prospectus.

Reconstruction of the highway began last year as part of the modernization of company towns of Severodvinsk. The first section — the Marine Avenue to the streets Portovaya — was commissioned in November of 2011, on the expense of the regional budget renovated part of the road from the White Sea to the prospectus Yagrinskogo highway works on the section of highway to Yagrinskogo Nodal directions are in progress.

The new stretch of highway built enterprise employees’ Sevzapdorstroy. " Its Director-General Alexander Nechayev handed over the symbolic key to the road to the mayor of Severodvinsk Michael Gmyrinu. As the head of the city, the road is made with high quality and, last but not least, ahead of schedule.

In the new four-lane section of the route, a complete reconstruction of outdoor lighting, built storm sewer, and utility networks withdrawn from the roadway and placed on another site. In addition, there are seven pedestrian crossings equipped with road signs.

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