In Severodvinsk inaugurated the third phase of the Archangel highway

The first section of the highway from Arkhangelsk Maritime Avenue to the streets in Severodvinsk Portovaya passed a year ago. The second stage of reconstruction, completed September 20, 2012, was the backbone of the city importance to road traffic regulations of the port to the White Sea Avenue. With the opening of the third portion of the highway to the Nodal Yagrinskogo travel highway construction is completed. Permission to enter the facility was signed on October 31.

A new four-lane highway with a two-layer coating which is some two kilometers — a long-awaited event not only for residents, but also enterprises of Severodvinsk. Subject to the rules of the road, it can accelerate the course of traditional traffic flow and avoid traffic jams at the entrance to the city. Modern bituminous mixture, competent and correct lighting adorn highway interchanges, provide comfort for motorists.

As the Valentine Prilepin in general for the reconstruction of the Archangel seven kilometers long highway with the participation of the region spent more than a billion rubles from the federal budget for co-financing of the municipality.

— Feature reconstruction in that, instead of the two-lane highway entering the city became a four-lane, and instead of a traffic light, in front of which gathered many kilometers of traffic jams, there was a traffic roundabout. On the last leg actually built a new road, replaced old and laid new communications — said the deputy minister.


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