In Seversk Tomsk region has opened the West-Siberian cable plant

On October 2, Seversk, Tomsk region was launched the first phase of the West Siberian cable plant.

The company "West-Siberian cable plant" has been registered in the city in June last year. The company is a resident of the closed zone Technopark, located on the eastern area (former warehouses GOKP) and rents municipal premises in the operational management of the Business Development Agency, Seversk engaged in support of small and medium-sized businesses.

Financial investments of the company in the creation of production amounted to about 27 million rubles, which went to the purchase of the main and auxiliary equipment, reconstruction of the building.

The range of products produced by the plant, is quite diverse. It is popular in the market bare and insulated cables and wires of various sections applied electricity networks, distribution companies in the oil and gas sector, Electric Utilities. After the withdrawal on a planned capacity it will be able to process at least 200 tons of primary aluminum per month, with sales volume of about 30 million rubles a month, while the number of jobs directly involved in the production to increase from 9 to 25-30.

The company intends to end of the year to launch the second phase of the plant, in addition, the long-term management plans to purchase more modern equipment and increase production.

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