In Shack (Ryazan region) has opened a new sports complex


FGC with a pool named "Athlete" was built for 313 million rubles, 83.8 million of which added the federal budget. "Athlete" is constructed in the framework of the regional program "Social development of human settlements in 2010-2014". For Shack FGC can engage up to 500 local children.

September 22 in the regular Shack officially opened on Ryazanschine sports complex.

The event was marked by a solemn Shack by cutting red tape, inspection of the complex, socializing with coaches and alumni of various sections. Guests entered the main hall and the room FGC — gym fight (400 square meters), aerobics (130 square meters), fitness room (144 square meter) room for team sports with stands for 470 seats and two swimming pools. In FGC starts Children and Youth Sports School, where they will prepare volleyball, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, sambo, track and field, soccer players and swimmers.


Summing up the visit, Oleg Kovalev and Mutko talked to the press, explaining reasonableness of construction of such facilities in the municipalities.
— There should be more involvement in mass sports. Such systems must be attached to universities, schools and the community. First, it will enhance the quality of training in the sports reserve. It is important that the CSF in these areas can change and social conditions, and reduce crime, and more motivated to work and social activities — said Mutko. Kovalev, in turn, drew attention to the issue of selection.
— Amid the FGC will be the selection of the most talented, lifting them to a higher level in order to raise those including will play for the national team as the Ryazan region and country — said the governor.

In the near future will open in Ermishev CSF also plans to build sports facilities in Ryazhskikh, Kadoma and Elatma.

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