In Sharan (Bashkortostan) after surgical repair of housing opened CRH

The work was done in September last year. Radically changed not only the appearance of the medical institution, but its equipment.

Under the program of modernization of health care hospital has been allocated 5,000,000 rubles. These funds bought new ultrasound systems, sterilization apparatus fully re-equipped operating theaters and intensive care. Modern look and found the chamber. Now, they are designed only for 2-3 patients. But for the veterans and the disabled in the department are equipped with individual chambers suites. 

And the inhabitants of a small village area Karakashly Sharansky old dream will come true soon. Finally solved the problem with drinking water. The last 25 years, local residents have been forced to take her from a neighboring village or boil the one that was taken from the well. The quality of it is questionable. Now the village drill a new well depth of nearly 100 meters, with the building did not require financial investment from the budget. All work is carried out at the expense of winning a grant. Last year Karakashly, where a mere 20 yards, came third in the national contest in the nomination "The most well-appointed rural settlement" and received 100,000 rubles.

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