In Shimanovsk (Amur region). Opened a new clinic

The project to build a new clinic was lying untouched for more than 12 years, in 2010 it was decided to raise funds for the construction of health centers. In 2011, the construction company "Amurstroy" was built a modern, beautiful, three-story building clinics.

Clinic will provide medical assistance to the residents Szymanowski Szymanowski district, nearly 26,000 people. The new clinic every day can take more than 300 people. Receptions will be conducted in 18 specialties.  

Total spent on the construction of almost 187 million rubles., Of which more than 105 million rubles for the construction works and 48 million rubles — for the acquisition of equipment. All rooms are equipped with professionals with modern medical equipment and computers, integrated unified information network


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