In Siberia, Russia created Silicon Valley

Novosibirsk has received federal support for the development of information and biofarmtehnology. The amount of costs to build regional innovation cluster is estimated at 100 billion rubles.

Joint pilot territorial project, apart from information and cloud technology, also includes the Center for Biotechnology in Koltsovo with accommodation and will be developed at the expense of the regional budget.

Long-term perspective of development of IT technology in the capital of Western Siberia is due, above all, the presence created in recent years in Akademgorodok in Koltsovo "foundation" for the future of innovation cluster. In the Novosibirsk region and has already run a few sites that have established centers for collective use of prototyping, such shop opened in Novosibirsk Technopark (Academpark).

According to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development decision support innovative directions in all Russian regions recognized points of growth, conducted in co-financing and if approved programs. In the Novosibirsk region, which went down in the list of 13 innovative regions of Russia, the program is designed to create a cluster with the advice of the Head of State. It is based on the capabilities of Akademgorodok, a university science and technology parks, has specific goals and timetables for achieving them. Therefore, taking into account the perspectives and significant backlog region will receive federal subsidies for the formation of the cluster information in full.

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