In Sillamae (Estonia) opened the plant for the production of water filters Aquaphor

December 6th was the opening ceremony built in Sillamae plant replacement modules for household filters Aquaphor ("Aquaphor"), combined with a logistics center. 

Investment in the construction of the plant, "Aquaphor", taking into account the value of the purchased real estate in 2010 on the streets of Leo Tolstoy in Sillamae of 5 million euros. The total area, built in one year, from June of 2011 to June of 2012, industrial building of approximately 7,000 square meters, of which about 1,000 meters — office space. The plant employs laboratory that tested finished products.

SILLAMÄE plant operates enterprise Westaqua-Invest OU, with 2006 representing Estonia in an international corporation, LLC "Aquaphor". Until recently Westaqua-Invest OU engaged exclusively in sales, on the Estonian market and abroad.

Last year turnover Westaqua-Invest OU was 7.3 million euros. 
Production lines Sillamae factory "Aquaphor" began work in mid-September of this year, and now Sillamäe plant produces this month about 300,000 plug-in modules. Currently the plant operates at 25 percent of its capacity, and the total number of employees Westaqua-Invest OU is 50.

"We assume that in the future the plant will be a total of over a hundred people to work, but job creation is not an end in itself for us, — says Chairman Westaqua-Invest OU Valery Lavrov. — The primary objective — is the creation of high-tech and environmentally friendly production, which is characterized by outstanding performance and excellent output quality at a relatively small number of workers. "

Sillamäe plant — the first production of "Aquaphor" on the territory of the European Union, the opening of which in any case does not mean the curtailment of the campaign in Russia. "Primary production" Aquaphor "is still at the site of Ust-Izhora, and no reduction or closure is not and can not be, — the president of the corporation" Aquaphor "Joseph Schmidt. This — the main production site "Aquaphor" for high volume production. The company is planning its further development and modernization. "

Ltd. "Aquaphor" is interested in the production and logistics base in Estonia, primarily as a bridgehead for the space of the entire EU.

Sales Manager Westaqua-Invest OU Kurakins Paul says that the implementation of supply filter "Aquaphor" from Russia to the European Union takes up to two to three weeks, while finding a logistics center in Sillamae reduces the supply of up to two to three days. "If we receive a request from the morning, after lunch shipment goes to the customer, wherever in the EU, he would not have stood" — draws attention to Paul Kurakins.

In filters and replaceable modules "Aquaphor" used the know-how of Russian developers to effectively compete for market, primarily due to the high quality and efficiency of filters, not the lowest price. 
"Considering the quality of the most important advantage of our filters, we ask them for a fair price," — says Pavel Kurakins, pointing out that the price of filters "Aquaphor" is average, if we consider all the offers on the market.

The official opening of the plant in Sillamae Aquaphor attended by the president of corporation "Aquaphor" Joseph Schmidt, wife, business partners. The celebration was attended by representatives of the district administration and local self-government bodies in Ida-Viru County. The mayor of Sillamae Elena Korshunova said Delfi, the opening of the Russian branch of the company — it is a great help in solving socio-economic problems of the city, as well as confirmation that the crisis ebbed.

The head of the construction company, the year he built in Sillamae building a new plant, handed to representatives of "Aquaphor" symbolic key to the production capacity. With the opening of the plant and colleagues congratulated the representative of the Kiev branch "Aquaphor".

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