In Skolkovo first appeared in the Russian underground substation


In the innovation center "Skolkovo" first appeared in the Russian underground powerhouse. Used in the construction of a special technology which makes it absolutely fireproof. A control system will be able to one expert.

At a depth of 12 meters and with a voltage of 220 kilovolts. Substation in the "Skolkovo" from the outside looks like a snowy hill, but maloprimetnogo inside buildings — the most powerful power system.

By underground electrical substation more demanding. Equipment must be fireproof. To do this, the developers have installed gas-insulated transformers — for the first time in the Russian practice. Containers filled with combustible sulfur compound and fluorine.

In contrast to conventional oil-insulated transformers, circuit breakers are safe for humans and the environment. The radiation level is much lower, so the sub-station may be located in a park or residential zone. In addition to the massive transformers in a single link — microprocessor relay protection, emergency control, the measuring system for electric energy. Plus, the management will be able to handle one person and online.

"The central control room substation" Skolkovo. "From here you can remotely control all the equipment the substation. On the shield — a general scheme, the testimony of all instruments and equipment status", — Said Yegor Goritsyn, deputy head of the Skolkovo GPS.

The new substation in the center "Skolkovo" is a good example of innovation in action. As long as energy is supplied only in-built building "Hypercube", but after a couple of years for food innovation city will need about two hundred megawatts.

"The Union" — a twin of the substation "Skolkovo". Only it will withdraw completely into the ground, even the visor will not. Over the "Union" build a business center, and on the "Skolkovo" will be a park.

Divert an electrical substation underground — a global trend. Do it for aesthetic reasons and to save space. For the same reasons, the company-builder lowered to a depth of aerial power lines. Construction was just over a year, the investment in the project amounted to more than 3.5 billion rubles. The designers believe "smart grid" will soon gain the confidence of Russian energy, and these substations will cease to be innovative miracle.

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