In Skolkovo opened a research laboratory Siemens

The modern laboratory equipped for the collection and testing of analog and digital electronics. This site has been prepared for testing of the components of high-power radio frequency (RF) generator. They can be used as a source of RF power for cyclotrons, as well as for high-end scientific linear accelerators.

Research Center "Siemens Research Center" has received a 2011 resident status of the Fund "Skolkovo". The project is the first in a cluster of nuclear technology "Skolkovo" and after reviewing the scientific committee was approved by the grant committee. In support promising innovations were allocated for research to establish on the basis of "Siemens SIC" prototype generator. The total project budget is 6.2 million euros, of which the Fund "Skolkovo" provides 3.1 million euros. At present, the center staff includes 15 engineers (designers, experts in the field of analog and digital electronics, experts in the field of RF systems, heat and mass transfer). "Innovation — a key focus of Siemens. And we intend to develop it further as part of our program of localization technologies in Russia. No accident that we are planning to invest in the future of SIC Siemens in the" Skolkovo "about 40 million euros and create there about 150 jobs. The opening of the new lab today — one of the first practical steps in this direction, "- said the president of Siemens in Russia and Central Asia Dietrich Moeller. "One of the key elements of the Fund’s" Skolkovo "and the company Siemens is now a project to build a solid-state microwave generator. This project has already achieved some success, but for its further development is necessary to establish research laboratory. For this innovation city will be prepared good material and technical base, assembled a team of highly skilled professionals Siemens. Thus, the opening of the laboratory will, in fact, the first step on the way to the emergence of R & D center of Siemens in Skolkovo, "- commented Alexander Fertman, director of science cluster Nuclear Technology Fund" Skolkovo . "

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