In Slavyansk-on-Kuban (Krasnodar Territory) has opened a kindergarten for 160 places

On April 24, Slavyansk-on-Kuban opened a new kindergarten "Golden Key".

In the garden there is a pond with fish and soon there will be a small zoo, the very same area outdoor games has natural spacers — conifers, which create a special microclimate. All them were planted more than three hundred. Inside the building are "dry" pool and a winter garden, in all areas of installed system "warm floor" and air conditioning.

The second floor is equipped with solar lighting "Heaven’s Light" — a cylinder that collect and refract sunlight. On the second floor, in the hallways, in the corridor, in a speech therapist’s office, even in the twilight, cloudy weather and the evening is light. That is, you can not be in the room including electricity.

Kindergarten has pram for the nursery, now you can bring a child into the garden in a wheelchair, and leave it until the evening.


According to a special program on the general municipal nursery equipment, $ 3 million 860 thousand rubles., In each group, in addition to a large number of toys purchased bicycles, scooters and children’s vehicles.

The garden is designed for 160 children, including those with speech disorders. With them will work a speech therapist and a psychologist.

The lower (ground) floor consists of technical facilities — shops, wardrobe, storage, inventory, laundry room, where a powerful set dryer.

Also on the ground floor there is a billet plant. On special elevator products arrive at the primary processing down, and after it is already on another elevator, semi-raised in the kitchen.

Catering department is equipped with the latest equipment. Steamer for 14 minutes can produce 100 pies, and digester itself taking on water and steam output through a special system without heating the air in the room.

"Golden Key" was built on the edge of early childhood education program. For its construction of the regional and municipal budgets have been allocated more than 100 million rubles.

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