In Smolensk started Federal Center of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Prosthetics

Construction of the Federal Center of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Prosthetics in Smolensk began in 2008. In its construction based on the methodology of modular construction. The total project cost was $ 2.7 billion.

The center is designed to provide high-tech medical care in "Traumatology and Orthopaedics" from the budgetary allocation of the federal budget in the framework of the program of state guarantees for citizens of the Russian Federation with free medical care. The design capacity of institutions established in the amount of six thousand operations per year. The staffing of the center includes the 590 positions.

new medical center built in the nat. project "Health" here 


Since 2008 Po 2012. training of medical and nursing staff was conducted on the basis of scientific-research institute of traumatology and orthopedics. PP Vredena Health Ministry of Russia, Federal State Institution "CITO them. Priorov "the Health Ministry and the Russian Federal State Institution" Research Pediatric Orthopedic Institute. G. Turner. " Doctors of the center are highly experienced, heads of departments have worked in leading orthopedic institutes Russia.

Medical Center includes the clinic, Department of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, with 150 beds for adults and 15 beds for children, operating theater, intensive care unit, radiology department, clinical diagnostic laboratories, functional diagnostics, etc.

August 1, the advisory clinic center began to form a database of patients for the provision of high-tech medical care. Since October sees out the admission of patients to direct documents to the Department of Health of the Smolensk region for the provision of high-tech medical care. From November 15, high-tech surgical procedures performed by the installation of artificial joints. To date, 99 patients have been operated.

The center is relevant not only for the Smolensk region, although its residents will be first to use the services and facilities of the institution, but operates more — for all of the Central Federal District, and the more remote regions of Russia. Here, patients receive treatment even from Kamchatka and Sakhalin.

  • Children's Department
  • Children’s Department

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