In Sochi, a monument to the USS Azov

In the resort area of the Lazarev was inaugurated monument warship "Azov", which in the years of the Great Patriotic War, sank off the coast of the village Vishnevka.

The ship was heading from Poti-Novorossiysk: the battlefields afforded ammunition and personnel, and from there takes away the wounded. For two months the ship made 12 flights. During the first bombing survivors, although received 800 shrapnel holes. But in October 1942, the Nazi air attack is successful. The ship began to sink. About these events, the old-timers will remember today.

"I heard when bombed. The ship was going to the bank. And there just was stuck on the rocks. I got there, all the sailors climbed up from the beam. Wounded. I even helped one dress wounds. He gave me a peakless cap, said: "Son, you’re in memory" — shared with the correspondent of the "Vesti Sochi" Paul Tiryaki.

Then rescued 26 sailors drowned two.

Monument warship "Azov" — a gift to the sister city Lazarevsky district. In the design of the architect of the obelisk from Belaya Kalitva Sergei Kal’chenko take into account the views and wishes of both parties.

For 2 years obelisk has undergone many changes. Originally the project a beam representing an exploding shell, cut through the composition in two parts. But in such a monument reminding broken into a cross. At the request of local residents changed the sketch.

In the history of the Russian Navy had 10 ships with the name "Azov". Today, the crew continues their tradition of the eponymous large landing ships of Black Sea Fleet.

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