In Sochi build berths for sea taxi

For the revival of the once popular on the Sochi coast sea taxi federal government in the face of state customer "Rosmorport" is working on the arrangement of several passenger terminals — in the Adler district, in the Lazarev, Loo, Dagomys Maceste, Khost. In Dagomys and Maceste appear completely new structure.  

Construction of the pier near the Adler "Spa Town" was completed in 2011. Now here comes the development of the neighborhood, the water area surveyed by divers, is the dismantling of old structures. Completed construction work on the terminal in the Lazarev Sea. 

The construction of the remaining berths started in late 2011 and is in various stages of construction. On terminals in Dagomys Looe and preparatory works are imported special equipment and building materials.  

first flights "sea taxi" SCAT 1010 Sochi (Pskov Boat shipyard) 



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