In Sochi, commissioned depot maintenance trains Swallow

In Sochi, commissioned depot maintenance trains "Swallow / Desiro /, who will be in 2014 to serve the participants and guests of the Olympic Games. 

In the railcar depot at the Adler will be served by 38 trains, technological capabilities framework consistent with current international technical standards.

"Equipment Depot meets the technical regulations of the company Siemens — manufacturer of electric Desiro. The project depot was provided with a three-level organization of undercar equipment, access to the inside and on the roof of the wagon trains ", — said the Sun. He said the facility was built in record time — within one year, the estimated cost of the project amounted to 5.6 billion rubles.

In the depot provided the use of a stationary machine tool for turning wheel sets without rolling out from under the wagon. On one of the ways of the depot have electric synchronized jacks for lifting trains. Will be applied end mobile work platforms for maintenance overhang electric, overhead crane beams over the railway department depot complex electrical equipment, the input voltage.

Passenger trains Desiro type designed for commuting and can reach speeds of up to 160 km / h They are equipped with passive safety of passengers and consume 30 percent less energy than electric trains that are in operation today. "Swallows" adapted to Russian conditions, which implies not only resistant to temperatures below 40 degrees, but the adaptation of the car body and bogie for track width of 1520 mm. "Swallows" can be effectively used on routes from 50 to 400 kilometers.

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