In Sochi, commissioned SEC Mandarin

In the Adler district of Sochi completed constructionthe shopping center "Mandarin" — Russia’s first "open-air mall", which is September 23, 2013 has finally been put into operation.

This much-anticipated event of the Adler district residents were waiting for a long time. By the construction of the complex builders started in March 2010 and be completed in 2012. Some stores have earned the complex this spring. Today the area of the complex is open to visitors 24 hours a day.

Project Architect: Jerde Partnership.
Designer:Company AB "MOUNTAIN PROJECT".
Landscaping: Jerde Partnership.
General contractor: Ltd. "ALK + + Company".

The architectural concept of the complexdeveloped by American architects «Jerde Partnership». They created multifunctional centers in Korea, China, Japan,Turkey,
Poland and the United States.

Complex "Mandarin" represented by an ensemble of nine separate buildings, united by the single architectural and landscape design solution, a system of pedestrian bridges and terraces. 37-meter-high panoramic tower-dominant complex at the top level for the orange glass observation deck is located. From here, visitors can admire and the sea and the mountain ranges of the Caucasus.

Lookout Tower

Courtyard meetings in the afternoon


Patio at night meetings

Not yet open all the shops and restaurants of the complex. Fully commercial gallery in the open air mall will be presented more than 60 shops of domestic and foreign brands. Most of the cafes and restaurants of different levels, are located on the outer perimeter of the complex and have their own private terrace overlooking the seafront of the Black Sea and the river Mzimta.

The main street of the complex

Tangerine Alley


Amphitheater for 1,180 seats and 45 seats for people with limited mobility will open its doors on 26 sentbrya. In the evening, 3des will host the first laser show "Pearl of Sochi".


Entertainment component SEC "Mandarin"provides more than 7,000 square meters parks and recreational areas, two swimming pools in the open air with the necessary infrastructure, singing fountains, children’s center, observation tower, a nightclub and karaoke bar. Landscapers planted a lot of flowers, palms and trees, but in a complex with citrus would like to see the name and tangerine trees that grow in our climate without any problems.

The main technical and economic indicators:
Land area: 3.9 hectares
Total construction area: 33,000 sq.m.
Leasable area: 17,000 sq.m.
Stores: 9,500 sq.m.
Entertainment: 8,000 sq.m.
Cafes and restaurants: 6,000 sq.m.
Parking: 400 m / m


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