In Sochi, completed the construction of four buildings GK «Bridge

Resort »

Prior to the 2014 Olympics is a little more than five months, so the developers are in a hurry to complete the construction of hotels in the Imereti lowland and transfer them to management companies.

This year, from 26 to 29 Septemberanother investment forum "Sochi", first held in Ice Palace "Big", in the Olympic Park Imereti lowland. The first guests of new hotels will be the participants in the forum. No exception and a four-complex "Bridge Resort », Housing is already preparing to receive its first guests.

Four five-story residential buildings, located in the eastern part of the the hotel complex «Bridge Resort», Finally got on the end of the construction. Now comes the selection of personnel, debugged system of hotel service. Each building is designed for 42 rooms service class 4 * (including specially equipped rooms for people with limited mobility), lobby and lounge area, a dining area, technical and auxiliary facilities. In the living rooms have panoramic windows, balconies fitted with a fixed sun protection. The roof is designed buildings operated as an open-air terrace. Total area of the body model is nearly 2,700 square meters

The investor, designer and general contractor — NGO "Mostovik".

As the Project Manager of the Department of Olympic sports facilities NGO "Mostovik" Vitaly Kisljak:

"In buildings completed construction work done finishing, individual heating units are mounted, water-measuring units, ventilation chamber and all communications. Shells are connected to external engineering networks. Now comes the installation of plumbing and electrical, outdoor lighting. The expected supply of carpet floor covering, furniture, interior parts. Shells were called "Vienna", "Sydney", "New York" and "Istanbul." For each of them made individual design project that reflects the image of these cities’ ..

Total number of rooms The hotel complex «Bridge Resort» of 700 rooms. An area of 5.9 hectares of elevated main 9-storey building, 11 model, a presidential suite, departmental hotel. Building and construction and finishing works at the facility nearing completion, there is a phased commissioning of buildings, landscaping of the adjacent territory. In June 2013 completed the construction of a 7-storey building of the departmental hotels with 120 rooms.

It is expected that the full hotel complex «Bridge Resort» will be operational before the Olympics — 2014.…index.php?ELEMENT_ID=6578 

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