In Sochi, completed the construction of the Olympic LTC

Olympic Games Transport Directorate completed the building of a logistics center (LTC) in Sochi. It is assumed that the center will provide a high level of safety and quality of passenger transport by road during the preparation and conduct of the 2014 Olympics.
Cost of construction amounted to 170 million rubles. In the center of the building will house two control room automation system of traffic management and automated LTC.
According to the CEO of the Transport Directorate Andrei Zhukov, logistics center will be put into operation by the end of September. During the Games, the center will regulate the traffic flows, manage trasnportnoy public infrastructure and the delivery of the participants and guests of the competition.
"With the LTC will be sent information on the arrival of buses to our passengers, while at the bus stop saw through what time the bus will arrive. This actually improve the quality of service"— A. Zhukov.
Under the LTC an information management system multimodal transport — freight and passenger transport by all modes of transportation, including rail, air, sea and road. The system is unique and has no analogues in Russia.
During the period of the Olympic Games in the building LTC will be the operational headquarters for the organization trasnporta. The headquarters will be responsible for including the reliable delivery of client groups and audiences to places of mass gatherings. In the operative staff will use the system, allowing affect emergencies, including avalanches, traffic Events, breakthrough pipelines.

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