In Sochi, on the intake stations mounted energy efficient pumps

As part of the implementation of energy efficiency programs for water intake facilities in Sochi are changing obsolete units to modern energy efficient pumps GRUNDFOS. According to specialists of the branch "SochiVodokanal" LLC "Yugvodokanal", installed equipment will reduce the consumption of electricity to lift water up to 30% and reduce the burden on local stations, freeing up the necessary facilities for the Olympic venues.

The reconstruction program for the four main wells Mzymtinskogo and Central intakes. The planned replacement of old pumps with new submersible units GRUNDFOS SP 215 series began last year. Equipment designed for pumping raw water and highly resistant to significant concentrations of sand. Pump parts are made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life. "In addition to improving the reliability of our services for Sochi residents, replacing submersible pumps allow a 30% reduction in energy consumption for water lifting and reduce the burden on local power substation", — Said the chief engineer of the Sochi Water Utility Valery Rudnev.

Reduction of energy consumption by a third, gentle treatment equipment operation while increasing efficiency — the advantages of the new pumping equipment is installed at the facilities of "SochiVodokanal" LLC "Yugvodokanal", the press service of the city center.

In early March 2012 the work on replacing old pumps with new continued: the second stage of the modernization of the main water intake on the river Mzymta.

"We attach great importance to the modernization of pumping stations in the Afternoon. This will ensure a reliable water supply area at the advanced level, both ahead of and during the Winter Olympic Games of 2014", — Said the deputy director of "SochiVodokanal" LLC "Yugvodokanal" from investing activities Denis Kotikov. He clarified that the only upgrade Mzymtinskogo intake company invests about 15 million rubles. In the near future the main water intake on the river Mzymta will be set eight pumps GRUNDFOS SP 215 series, which will ensure uninterrupted water supply in residential areas and the coastal cluster of Olympic venues. "Sochi water utility supplies to the city of more than 300 million cubic meters of potable water daily, — Comments Evgeny Kondratiev, Head of projects in the Southern Federal District of GRUNDFOS, the world’s leading manufacturer of pumping equipment. — Therefore, the cost of electricity for large enterprises. Installed pumps save energy and, according to rough estimates, will pay for themselves within 2-3 years ".

As part of the Olympic program Sochi water utility not only reconstructs the existing utility infrastructure, but also raises new ones, for example, river intakes and Mzimta Frenzy.

The first was put into operation Esto-Sadok — Mzymtinsky withdrawals. It is located near the village of Esto-Sadok, between the federal highway and the river Mzymta, and was second on its banks. It consists of — 2 tanks with clean water for 2,000 m3 each. Water comes from a 4-artesian wells, each 40 m depth capacity of the facility — 14,000 m3 per day. For initial treatment of water used here is not a pure chlorine and its derivatives — sodium hypochlorite. Thereafter, the water is treated with ultraviolet light. Such technology has long proven itself in Europe.

For lifting and pumping water is also responsible downhole pumps energy GRUNDFOS SP 215. Water intake supplies water to the residents of Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-cages. However, its main purpose — providing comfortable participants and spectators of the Sochi Olympics. Esto-Sadok — Mzymtinsky withdrawals will be provided with water sports facilities such as a complex for competition in cross country skiing and biathlon "Laura" and the ski center "Rose Farm" (alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding).

In the final phase includes the construction of water intake on the river Frenzy (one of the highest in Sochi) with a capacity 11,000 m3 per day. For the water supply here will be responsible pumps GRUNDFOS SP Series 60, and the increase in pressure will provide modern stations Hydro MPC.

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