In Sochi, purchased 12 vans and 6 mini-venovdlya transport of wheelchair users

In Sochi, acquire specialized vehicles for the transport of persons with disabilities. The outcome of the procurement procedures of ANO "Olympic Games Transport Directorate" has already purchased 12 vans and 6 "mini-vans" with equipment for the transport of wheelchair users. These machines have tried guests and participants of test events last season. 

Also on the basis of an agreement between the ANO "Organizing Committee" Sochi-2014 "Ltd. and" Volkswagen Group Rus "in Sochi will arrive 44" minivan "Transporter Kombi with the ability to carry two wheelchair users. These cars will comfortably and safely move people with disabilities, including officials , Paralympic athletes, Paralympic Family members, guests Paralympic Games: the first batch of cars will arrive at the resort by early next test competitions of the season 2012-2013,. 



"Also in 2012, planned to purchase 57 buses for urban and suburban routes of regular communication. When choosing the make and model professionals also take into account the possibility of a passenger car in terms of accessibility for disabled people in different categories," — told in the "Olympic" Department of the City Hall of Sochi. 

The question of who will manage the means of transport in the city is also actively addressed. Since drivers will instruct. It will form the basis of normative — methodical documentation, which is developing a "Company" Avtopolis-plus "commissioned by ANO" Olympic Games Transport Directorate. "Documentation will include material relating to the specific conditions of passenger transport in the context of the Games, serving different groups of participants and Olympic guests, quality and cultural services for people with disabilities

No less attention to the process of creating a barrier-free environment for the Games in 2014 the administration gives to creation Sochi resort in parking lots of parking spaces for private vehicles with disabilities and other people with limited mobility. Parking spaces are allocated and designated international symbols for 15 municipal and 20 private parking lots.






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