In Sochi River released 200,000 salmon fry

The hatchery broodstock consists of 700 head. Among them are individuals of wild salmon. They were caught in Mzymta last fall, in order to receive higher-quality offspring and resilience. Ichthyologists say that out of all of the issued fry will survive no more than 25%, but this is already done. The fact that the feed for salmon in the rivers of Sochi bit, so the biggest natural enemies of the fish — it is relatives.

Such compensatory measures are carried out 2-3 times a year, depending on the advice Rosrybolovstva. This issue — 200,000 shares — worth about 3 million rubles. Restore the biological resources of the mountain rivers of Sochi — an expensive pleasure. Pay for it, as a rule, those who are violating and ecosystem. This time, the financial side of the question rests on the shoulders of companies "Russian Railways" and "Rosmorport".

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