In Sochi River Shahe released 100,000 salmon fry

After a three-day hunger fry will flock to in search of food. According to experts, the Shah could feed more than 100,000 individuals of salmon. 18 months, these fry will gain strength in the river, and then the fish is covered with fine silvery scales and will be ready to go to sea.

Of the 100,000 fingerlings released today in the river only a fraction of about 0.1% would be the Black Sea salmon. The rest of the fish will remain in the Shah. It will be a brook trout. Selection occurs naturally at the gene level.

Grown at fish fry Dzhigosh plot in the village of Great Kichmay. Average weight — 3 grams, length — 5 to 7 centimeters. Age — about six months.

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