In Sochi spent sboyka first tunnel road Stand Holiday Avenue


Builders completed sboyka tunnel number 1 on the first line doubler Resort avenue of the city of Sochi. Told a news agency Sochi-24 reported in the press service of "Transstoy."

Excavation was carried out in two faces. On the north portal was passed 642 meters, 830 meters from the south.

The main efforts of the builders now will focus on the development of the lower part of the tunnel and the device permanent lining. It is planned that the first phase of "stand-ins" will be completed by the end of 2011.


The first phase of the future of the central highway of Sochi, the length of 5670 meters, begins in Agoura River Gorge, near the hotel "Sputnik" and ends in the street Strawberry. On the motorway tunnel will be located three, four ramps and two transport interchanges.

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