In Sochi started another compensatory planting plants

  • "Olympstroy"
  • "Olympstroy"

In Mariynskoe district forestry planted 4.5 thousand young trees chestnut, maple, cherry and walnut. This is another compensation fund for forest trees, which had to cut down due to the construction of Olympic facilities.  

In the nursery of the Sochi national park caring for young plants from a half to three years. Now there are growing over 30,000 seedlings of rare and endangered plants. It’s cherry, apple, pear, maple, chestnut, persimmon, fig Colchis. All young plants — indigenous "inhabitants" of the Caucasus. They were transplanted in the fall.

"Now grown seedlings, which will compensate for green areas affected during the preparation of the Olympic facilities, executive in charge for which is" Olympstroy — the director of the Department of Environmental Support Corporation Gleb Vatletsov. — In the autumn of 2013 the bulk of compensation measures will be completed. "

After replanting the developer provides care for the plants for several years. Only after the plants take root, they will be transferred to the balance of Sochi National Park. As experience shows, the survival of the plants grown in the nursery is about 90 percent.

Compensatory landing in Sochi began three years ago. Such harm greenery in the proportions of 1:3, that is one Felled trees planted three new ones. Only in 2012, more than 55,000 seedlings transferred to Sochi National Park from the nursery to grow rare and endangered plant species of the Western Caucasus.

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