In Solikamsk launched a new concrete plant

Ltd. "Solikamskavto" (Solikamsk) Let operational plant concrete and mortar production capacity of 50 cubic meters per hour or 600 cubic meters of product per shift.

The plant will provide the need of the city and the region as a high-quality and low-cost concrete. As a result, it will reduce the cost per square meter of commissioned housing, social infrastructure and industrial production. For our part, we note that this is good news for Bereznikov which is scheduled to begin in the fall Usolsky neighborhood of large-scale construction of new homes for settlers from damaged houses.

The price of the factory, which was produced by Turkish company "Alkon" and "intellectual stuffing" put the German company "Siemens" was 15 million rubles.

For «Solikamskavto" is a new line of business.

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