In Sosnovoborsk is preparing to launch a unique venture for glass processing

From used bottles will make "foam glass." It is a modern insulation for homes and pipelines. It retains heat better than the usual glass wool. No light and almost does not absorb moisture. Since July 2012, the re-use of glass in Russia banned by law. And like the production will be the main way to dispose of broken glass. Analogues of the "glassy" has long produced in America. In Russia, this plant has no competitors.


NICHOLAS Valevich, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF GLASS PROCESSING PLANT: "In Munich, after 52 years of use foam glass on the roof of the sports complex opened the roof to see whether it is worth repairing. All survived. Using the foam glass can be more than 100 years. "

Krasnoyarsk Territory will be the first Russian region on the territory of which will produce foam glass. The product is used for insulation of buildings under construction.

Up to 100,000 tons of production is planned to produce one of the Sosnovoborskaya plants. At the company a few years ago produced ceramic tile, then the crisis came, the plant shut down, the production capacity is now idle. The company‘s management, all carefully weighed, decided to upgrade it. Having invested tens of millions of rubles in March next year plans to start production of foamed glass.

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