In SOUTH appeared sniper units

More than 1.3 thousand snipers joined the ranks of special sniper units, and units of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), established under the structural change.


"At the present time in the military firing ranges and training center of the county under the guidance of experienced instructors learn to properly equip the firing positions, to organize and to detect ambushes in various combat conditions and on different types of terrain," — said the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul .
He added that, in addition, more than 50 military personnel are currently undergoing a three-month training in specialized centers, the Ministry of Defense of Russia, where he studied modern weapons and special equipment, tactics of warfare, kontrsnayperskoy methods of preparation, methods of concealment, engineering training, ballistics, and will learn adjustment of artillery fire and guidance to the target of Army Aviation.
The press service of the Southern Military District also reported that equipment sniper units within the defense procurement this year will go the newest compact laser devices intelligence, portable weather station, digital rangefinder and ballistic calculators.

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