In SOUTH began large-scale exercise of the NBC

Today at the range Prudboy in the Volgograd region in the camp fees specialists of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC) of the Southern Military District held sham exercise to explore the possibilities of contemporary models of special equipment by the armed forces NBC JUVO, the press service of the district.

Field training activities on such a scale in SOUTH held for the first time. By occupation, specialty-based independent brigade NBC protection units involved SOUTH NBC combined armies, the Black Sea Fleet (BSF), the Caspian Flotilla (CFLs), 4th Air Force and Air Defense Command.

Involved up to 1.5 million military personnel and more than 200 units of military and special equipment, including current (upgraded) special machines troops NBC.

Each lesson ends with a show of theoretical tactical and special training platoon NBC with the practical application of modern technology.

During the ostentatious class presented the latest designs of AME coming into service troops SOUTH NBC since 2012, such as chemical reconnaissance vehicle RHM-6 (used for remote detection of toxic and damaging substances)


avtorazlivochnaya station ARS-14km (used for special treatment of IWT), laying system TDA-2K (used for making aerosol screens), fighting machine flamethrower BMO-T (on the basis of the T-82), heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Pinocchio" and others.

During training camp gathering soldiers perform the tasks in the detection of radiation, chemical and biological contamination, perform maintenance of the RHB-intelligence, conduct dose and chemical control, evaluate the situation after the enemy use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), destruction of chemically and biologically hazardous objects work out for the special treatment of personnel, weapons, equipment, decontamination of terrain.

In the field, soldiers learn the order of application of new chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6 coming into force SOUTH since last year. This complex intelligence allows for 1 min. detect toxic vapors and aerosols and pollutants over an area of 10 square meters. km. Thanks to the built-in equipment, all necessary measurements become possible to do without leaving the car. As part of RHM-6 is used satellite navigation equipment, which performs all-weather automatic determination of the origin of the machine on the ground, and also performs the function of collecting information from the instruments of exploration, mapping the situation on the map of the area and the transfer of information to the command control centers.

The special equipment, RHM-6 can move detect and identify the presence of toxic substances in a medium moving at a rate of 20 to 50 km / h, depending on the extent and complexity of infection. This not only improves the speed of the units, but also dozens of times to reduce the loss of personnel. RHM-6 has a high mobility equipment is placed on the BTR-80, capable of speeds up to 80 km / h on land and up to 10 km / h on water.

Also at the training ground is being prepared calculations flamethrower units BSF CFL teams CBR defense to conduct live firing of new models flamethrower system TOS-1A "Pinocchio" with a thermobaric shell with extended range and the upgraded jet infantry flamethrower RPO PDM-A "Bee-M" .

Live firing is planned for the battalion of special tactical exercises with 10 to 14 September at the site Prudboy in the Volgograd region.

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