In space, found a potentially habitable planet

In space, found a potentially habitable planet Facts

Astronomers had discovered a planet that is not part of the solar system, which judging by its parameters may be present life. This exoplanet codenamed HD 40307g and rotates just in the area of the life of its star, so that it may well be liquid water. Distance from this super-Earth to have is 42 light-years, and it is quite a distance to affordable modern telescopes to study the planet in detail.

As it became known, and she and her HD 40307g have the orbit of the Moon, due to which their internal climate can contribute to the emergence of life. The star HD 40307, which revolves around a planet found, a little behind the Sun in size and brightness. Earlier around this star was found three planets, but their orbit was too close to a heat source to keep the water in liquid form.

Along with HD 40307g scientists discovered three such planets, which can be assigned the status of "super-Earth", but they are also too hot to be habitable. The only candidate for the presence of the lives of more of our Earth seven times and is 90 million miles from its star. For comparison, the Earth is from the Sun at 150 million km.

While the telescope is not conducted thorough observations, scientists and even hope for success, but it was believed that HD 40307g may be as great Earth and Neptune little warm with no solid surface. So far it is known that the home does not have the star of tidal influence, as our Earth to the Moon, and its orbit is relatively independent, allowing the planet to the star turn by all parties in turn. This makes it even more similar to our planet.

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