In Spain, interested in Russian technologies from Dubna

The business is continued dialogue on cooperation, which began in March 2011, during a visit to the Special Economic Zone "Dubna" the delegation of one of the leading corporations in Spain, working in the field of high technology, — Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa (MCC).

Of the proposed meeting with the executive secretary of the Supervisory Board of the SEZ "Dubna" Alexander RACEM technology as a priority considering the Spanish technology company "Trackpore Technology." About this in his letter to the representative said Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa in the CIS Luciano Velasco Cooper, is calling to A.A.Ratsu for assistance in establishing a business relationship between one of the leading units of MCC by Mondragon Componentes (MS) and "Trackpore Technology" (in the SEZ "Dubna", the company is represented by its subsidiary company resident "NANO CASCADE") .


Industrial cyclotron (accelerator) for the production of the track membrane.

As is known, the Russian company "Trackpore Technology" in Dubna built first in the CIS industrial accelerator and created innovative production of modern medical equipment for blood plasma exchange on the basis of track-etched membranes (CPP "Alpha").


The technology is getting track membranes has been developed previously in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions Flerov behalf of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, in NPK "Alpha" it is placed on an industrial basis.


The joint work of scientists, industrialists and doctors awarded the prize of the Government of Russia in the field of science and technology. Currently, on the right bank area of SEZ "Dubna" Company "Trackpore Technology" together with RUSNANO is building a second scientific-industrial complex "Beta" for the production of more advanced medical equipment for nanokaskadnoy filtration of blood plasma, and in FLNR for this purpose, a new cyclotron, the best in its class.

"MS is interested in building a similar production in Spain and the division of the world market"- Says Luciano Velasco Cooper, reporting on the readiness of the company to establish a joint venture in Spain.

For a deeper understanding of the possibilities of such an alliance guide by "Trackpore Technology" invited to visit the MCC Corporation in the Basque Country.

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