In SRF completed two missile re-connections

In 2012, it was completed in 2006 were carried out with re-Teykovskogo missile compound (Ivanovo region). On the latest mobile ground missile systems (PGRK) "Topol-M" and "Yars" 5th generation. Two missile regiment of the compound rearmed by PGRK "Topol-M", two missile regiment combat duty on PGRK "yars", equipped with the RS-24 ICBM with multiple reentry warhead. Currently Teykovskogo rocket is the first compound in the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF), fully rearmament PGRK 5th generation.
Also in 2012, work began on upgrading to the missile complex (SC) "yars" Novosibirsk and Kozelskii (Kaluga region). Missile formations. In the latter of these compounds deployment of RK "Yars" will be implemented in a shaft version. 

Later in the Republic of Kazakhstan "Yars’ re still a number of planned missile formations. 

In addition, at the end of December 2012 to the end re-rocket complex "Topol-M" silo-based missile‘s sixth regiment Tatishchev (Saratov region). Rocket connections. Thus, the program re-SRF to rocket complex "Topol-M" will be completed.

By the end of 2012 as part of the strike group will be about 100 launchers with new missile complexes "Topol-M" and "Yars". Thus, in recent years the share of modern weapons in the Strategic Missile closer to 30%. 

The development of the Strategic Missile Forces is not only rearming troops on the new missile systems, but also in the creation of new infrastructure positioning areas of missile regiments, which allows to provide better conditions for the use of missile weapons, training duty forces, incurring personnel services (alerting) and the rest . 
Along with the rearmament of new missile systems in 2012, the troops continued active work on the modernization of existing and construction of new control points, equipping troops with modern and advanced systems and communications, and command, control, protection, other modern weapons and equipment.


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