In St. Petersburg after conversion opened a kindergarten for 220 places

Today, lavender Boulevard opened the new building of the kindergarten. More precisely, the preschoolers get back home once owned them. For 13 years, the building occupied establishment of additional education of children "Olympus". The district administration has decided to grant "Olympia" and the transfer of certain areas of the building progymnasium 677 number to use for its intended purpose.

New playground of kindergarten is a stand-alone building with 220 seats. The grounds landscaped, equipped with playground equipment. At each site walking in line with new requirements Sanitary installed shady canopies. The building will operate 12 groups for pre-school children, including young children (nurseries), middle-aged and preparation. 

In kindergarten, there are group rooms with a separate bedroom, gym room equipped according to the latest requirements and decorated with a music room, a massage room. To renovate and equip the building was allocated 43 million 800 thousand rubles.

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