In St. Petersburg after conversion opened a kindergarten for 200 places

The opening of the new children’s garden was made possible with funding from the reserve fund of the Governor of St. Petersburg. The repair was sent to 39 793 828.14 rubles., To landscaping — 15 510 218.05 rubles. Repairs were carried out in the shortest possible time by contractors who won the tender for these works.

The building at ul. Grandma, 94 to early 90’s there was a children‘s garden, which belonged to the tram park them. Volodarskogo, then it was closed and handed over the administration of the Nevsky district. The last 10 years, the building rented the St. Petersburg Institute of Service and Economics. July 31, 2011 the lease was terminated and the building was transferred to the education system Nevsky District. Currently, the state budget preschool educational institution Kindergarten number 25 combined form — there are eight groups, staffed the new functional furniture with a striking design, a fully-equipped nutrition units, medical office, games room and a music room. With the opening of the new building of the kindergarten has been operating in two locations: on the street. Grandma, d 133, Bldg. 2 and on the street. Grandma, 94.

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