In St. Petersburg, announces a set of master’s chair

LED technology

Company "OptoGaN" and SPbNIU IFMO announced a new set of bachelors and diplomas in basic master’s Department of LED technology. Students who begin training in September 2013, are able to obtain a specialization in demand, which is unique.

Base Master Department of LED technology (CT) was established at the Faculty of optical information systems (FOIST) in October 2011 as part of the strategic partnership program of the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) and companies "OptoGaN".
In May 2013 launched a new set of the first year of graduate department of LED technology for training in the specialty 200400 "Optotehnika." In September 2013 the Department for the first time begins implementation profile "LED technology", which is unique to doctors and candidates of sciences, professors ITMO, researchers of "OptoGaN", supported by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs "RUSNANO". 

Feature of the new educational program is the involvement of undergraduates in the process of high-tech manufacturing — all students take industrial practice in the company "OptoGaN",
and also have a unique chance to see their design come to life on the research and production base of the company. The training program is composed in such a way that the number of hours of practical and laboratory classes is much higher than the number of hours allocated to the reading of the lecture material. Through this distribution masters, studying at the department of LED technology, acquire practical knowledge and skills, and an understanding of how obtained during training skills into practice.

Advantages of the department:

  • Guaranteed employment in "OptoGaN" at the end of training.
  • State grant for all students in the department of LED technology for the best students — Increased scholarship "OptoGaN."
  • Free accommodation in hostels ITMO for all nonresident students at all period, income and education.
  • Opportunity Internships in the research division of "OptoGaN" Germany.
  • Bringing to school organization highly skilled scientific department of "OptoGaN" — doctors and candidates of science as teachers Department of LED technology.
  • Passage of production and pre-diploma practices in laboratories and in production "OptoGaN."
  • Joint research and development work with other parts of ITMO.
  • Unique training courses, developed by the researchers’ OptoGaN "especially for ITMO.
  • The opportunity to put their ideas and research-based development and manufacturing capabilities, "OptoGaN."

"We are looking for talented and ambitious students who want to bring their design to life, because at the end of the Department of LED technology graduates are guaranteed employment in the company" OptoGaN ", which has an extensive research and production base both in Russia and abroad. During the course students are involved in research projects that are conducted by the Department of LED technology together with "OptoGaN", and the best students in the department to give an increased stipend provided by the company — said Vladislav Bougrov, vice-president of "OptoGaN" and the head of the Department LED technology ITMO. — It does not matter what university graduated students wishing to continue their education in our department. We welcome both students of St. Petersburg and Moscow, and regional universities. For non-resident students at the time of admission tests and for the entire period of training the hostel. "

At the end of two years of study at the Department of LED technology to the graduates is great potential for further growth, allowing not only to build a career in the biggest technology company for the production of LEDs, but also to start an academic career — both in Russia and abroad.

Get more information and talk with representatives of the Department of LED technology entrants will be able to June 5, 2013 in the main building of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, which will host the Open Day. Start at 18.00 at Kronverksky 49.

To view the direction of training, basic training courses, as well as admission requirements, please visit the Department of LED technology — and in the group of the Department of VKontakte — / led_technologies.

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