In St. Petersburg, began the first tests of the equipment for the ITER


At the end of October 2012 with the St. Petersburg Research Institute of elektrofizicheskoy Apparatus. DV Ephraim (FSUE "NIIEFA them. Efremov") initiated the first tests of the unique equipment for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). 

Checked by plasma-facing components of the full-scale prototype outside the ITER divertor target. These components are essential elements teplosemnymi tokamak, directly bordering the plasma in ITER. It’s kind of the first barrier, receives a majority of the heat flux from the plasma in the process of operation of the plant. Since the plasma temperature will reach 100-150 million degrees, and the expected heat load on the divertor surface to 20 MW/m2, to test components imposed the strictest requirements.

For the tests in Russia at the State "NIIEFA them. DV Ephraim "in the Russian obligations under the Joint Implementation of the ITER Project has created a special installation IDTF (ITER Divertor Test Facility) with an electron gun power of 800 kW. At this setting, the ITER components subjected to the same thermal load as in the standard mode of operation of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. Undoubtedly, it is of particular importance in view of the requirements for reliability and performance.

Held in St. Petersburg testing — a striking example of international cooperation for the Project, as designed for testing the ITER components manufactured in Japan and sent to the Russian Japanese colleagues directly for testing at the Russian plant. In the spirit of international cooperation, the work carried out in the presence of representatives of the Agency ITER Russia and Japan, as well as experts of the International ITER Organization.

It is expected that the results of tests can draw conclusions by the end of November 2012 This is the first of dozens of series of tests, the results of which will work out in detail the production technology of the corresponding elements of ITER.

ITER — energy hope of humanity being built in France, the forces of the international community. The project — the Soviet-Russian technology tokamak (toroidal chamber with magnetic coils), the setting for magnetic plasma confinement. Russia makes for a key part of the project equipment.  

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